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What's New

25th October 1999 - Updated URL of Iris Mars.

27th September 1999 - Updated review of Generator to include Reaktor.

27th September 1999 - Added list of unreviewed programs to reviews page.

17th September 1999 - Added a review of Retro AS-1.

17th September 1999 - Updated review of Buzz.

16th September 1999 - Added review of SimSynth.

16th September 1999 - I seem to have lost the 'mail me' page, so I recreated it.

14th September 1999 - Added a review of Synoptic Probe and updated the review of Reality.

14th September 1999 - Continuing the flow of updates, I have added a review of AudioMulch. I did have one up before but somehow I lost the file so I rewrote it.

13th September 1999 - I have just added a review of Dream Station and updated the intro page.

13th September 1999 - I have just installed a hit logger on my website and seeing the large number of hits to this page I have decided to start maintaining it for a while. There will be quite a few updates over the next few days.

8th September 1999 - In case it isn't obvious, this page is no longer being updated. I don't have the time to keep it current but hopefully some of the information will still be of use. The rate of progress has slowed down a lot since I started the site - though there are a few new software synths, my favourites are still Generator and Rebirth (though VAZ Modular also gets an honourable mention). New soundcards like Pulsar with onboard DSP processing may push things forward but I think these are still immature - one Pulsar is roughly equivalent in DSP to a Pentium 300....a bit out-dated and the new Athlons look like they will be superb for audio processing.

13th March 1998 - Updated ObjektSynth review and screenshot. (first commercial version has been released)

11th March 1998 - Updated Nord Modular review, updated introduction page (added links), added reviews of Orangator and ModSynth.

10th March 1998 - Created 'What's New' page.

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