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VAZ Pro is an entirely new modular version of VAZ. It is still in development and there isn't very much information concerning its abilities. It sounds like it is very easy to use it to build good analog-style synths, using the traditional VAZ interface. The complexity of sounds depends on the processor power. It contains the following modules:
  • Oscillator (simultaneous saw/PWM)
  • Multi oscillator (4 oscillator stack w/detune)
  • Sample oscillator
  • Sub-oscillator
  • Noise (variable white to pink to red)
  • Filter (2 and 4 pole low-pass, band-pass and high-pass)
  • Overdrive
  • Amplifier
  • Scaler
  • 4-channel mixer
  • Panner
  • MIDI-CV converter
  • Super envelope
  • LFO
  • 4x4 Modulation Matrix
  • Slew Limiter
  • Chorus/Delay/Flanger
  • Distortion/Waveshaper
  • Ring Modulator
  • Sample and Hold

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