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VAZ+ is the registered version of VAZ. VAZ runs under Windows. The latest version is 1.5, which supports DirectX, enabling a latency of 20ms. This almost feels completely instantaneous when being used with a MIDI keyboard, but not quite. It features two oscillators, two LFOs and two envelopes with very extensive cross-modulation facilities. Oscillator 1 supports saw, pulse and triangle waves and oscillator 2 supports saw, pulse, multisaw (several saws at the same time with variable detune) and a sample (which changes pitch depending which key is pressed). This oscillator can be detuned from oscillator 1 and there is a sync. facility.

There is a sequencer which is similar to that from Rubber Duck but with additional modulation settings. VAZ+ has a randomise function which allows you to select ranges or each of the parameters. It is good at ripping lead lines, brilliant experimental sounds and some bass sounds (e.g. Moog) but the filter doesn't lend itself toward very deep basses.

The brilliant thing about VAZ is the way it is possible to get extreme results by pushing some of the settings to their limits. Another cool thing is that one of the oscillators works on lowest note priority and one works on highest note priority, so by pressing two keys it is possible to get the oscillators to produce different notes (in VAZ+ low or high note priority can also be selected). There is a capture to wave file facility. VAZ Plus also has patch memories, a ring modulator, MIDI sync (to run alongside sequencers such as Cakewalk), unison, 2-pole low/band/highpass and 4-pole filter modes, even more extensive cross-modulation and polyphony for faster computers.

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