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Sondius XG

Sondius XG is a combination of the SYXG50 wavetable software synth (which emulates an XG module) and Sondius waveguide physical modelling technology, as used in the VL1, VL7 and VL70-m Yamaha synthesizers. Technically it will be the same as the VL70-m and will even use the same editors. The VL70-m is based on and sounds almost the same as the VL1 which was the original physical modelling synthesizer - only a few years ago one of these would have cost 4,000! Its speciality is realistic sounds such wind and string instruments, which are far more realistic and controllable than any wavetable module. For more information on waveguide physical modelling click here.

The Sondius XG synthesizer is also going to be built into a new PCI chipset being manufactured by Yamaha. This chipset will be able to play 64 sounds at once including its own sounds and samples. It will also have DirectSound acceleration and DirectSound 3D.

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