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Rubber Duck v2.0

Rubber Duck is meant to be a very rough copy of a TB-303. There are two oscillators with a brilliant graphic showing a picture of the waveform. Its filter is excellent for doing bass sounds. The sequencer is of the tracker type (16 little boxes into which you enter a note) - but with accent and slide. Distortion and delay effects are available and it is possible to run 2 samples on top which loop with the pattern. There is also a facility to automatically set the sample speed so it exactly runs over the whole pattern - perfect for breakbeats. The best thing with Rubber Duck is to get a good beat going, run a pattern over the top and to just fiddle with the controls. Hours go like seconds!

Rubber Duck can be controlled from the MIDI keyboard (and is velocity sensitive) and the lag is reasonable - expecially with DirectX. There is a very short lag on the controls, which can also be controlled with MIDI controllers or a joystick. It can be synchronised to other D-lusion products (this is primarily intended to work with a drum machine product they are producing to make it rather like Rebirth. The shareware version allows saving and loading of sequencer patterns and synthesizer settings. It costs 50DM but it is still possible to download version 1.02 as shareware. It is Windows 95 only.

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