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AXS stands for Another Experimental Synth. It is an analog synthesizer emulator for DOS. Running under DOS gives it advantages and disadvantages - without the overhead of Windows is quite powerful - 8 part multitimbral and up to 32 note polyphony. On the other hand it can't be run alongside a sequencer (unless you have 2 computers).

There are 2 oscillators, a filter (lowpass 12/24, highpass and bandpass), 2 LFOs and 3 envelopes per sound. The filter is switchable between high pass, low pass, band pass and notch. The oscillators feature triangle, saw, square, noise and tri/saw mixture waves and can be synchronised or ring modulated. There are also global distortion and stereo delay effects.

It works with MIDI in realtime, even allowing different sounds on different channels. Every parameter has a MIDI controller assigned to it allowing full control from a keyboard. Output can be saved as a WAV file, which can then be loaded into a sampler or sequencer. The 8th channel is drums, for which samples are used. There is also a 16-track tracker-type step sequencer built in.

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