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Rob Papen Albino 3

Albino 3 is the latest in the Albino line of synthesizers from LinPlug with design and presets by famed preset designer Rob Papen. It consists of 4 oscillators, each of which can be 'analog' (ie saw or square with pulse width modulation), wavetable, noise, or 'audio input' (ie processing the incoming audio). There are 2 filters, with 4 filter types each, a very flexible modulation matrix, and a whole host of effects. In it's latest incarnation it also supports layering up to 4 sounds together, giving a theoretical 16 oscillators.

Albino is traditionally thought of as being a 'trance' synthesizer, especially with it's very flexible arpeggiator. Whilst many of Rob Papen's presets are very apt for trance music, it's possible to get plenty of other sounds out of Albino too and in fact it would work well for any genre. It's hard to find any ommisions ... I would say that I find it harder than something like Rapture or Zebra to some of the really fat distorted sounds I like, but for pretty much any other kind of synth sound it's spot on.

Albino costs $200, which is fairly expensive for a softsynth, but it is a premium product. Go to the Albino homepage

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